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My name is Steve, I like to create things

My digital art used to be in hiding for the past 6 years, mainly because I felt like people never really understood my art.

Over the course of those 6 years I developed a relationship with my digital art that was very self serving. The art's only purpose was to document and remember times of my life when I felt a certain way. Sometimes it would be emotional, other times it was deeply meaningful, painful and hurtful, and sometimes just weird.

September 2021 I revealed my digital art to the Cardano NFT community and got accepted with open arms immediately. The community saw value in my work, and the journey has been super cool to finally be accepted as a real artist.

Now my focus is to continue to create things that make people ask questions, feel something, and evoke emotions that we as humans are typically afraid to reveal about ourselves.

My Higher goal for my life is to be one of the first inter-planetary Documenters for the 
human species. I don't mean that as a joke, I am dead serious about that, I want to be aboard the first human missions where we discover other planets in our solar system. To work towards the goal of becoming a Type 2 civilization.

This is a long term goal. I will probably be in my late 40's when this happends

I recently Worked on the Film "A Failed Artist"

One of the First NFT Implemented Films on the Cardano Blockchain

Im also a Cinematic FPV Pilot. Using this new technology to explore new places from the air is one of the coolest things I get the opportunity to do.

Its my understanding that my consciousness leaves my body when I am piloting. My soul literally leaves my human body and inhabits this 4 prop robot bird for 5-30 Minutes at a time. It is one of the most surreal feelings and I have fallen deeply in love with piloting.


If you decide to share your value in the form of crypto-currency into my story, my art, and my thinking. Please keep my intentions in mind of how I think/understand money and finances.

I am the biggest cheap ass, almost to a fault. I don't buy the nicest cameras, I don't live in a big house, I don't go out to eat very often (When I do I order off the kids menu)  I work on a small Mac Air for all my digital work and don't plan to upgrade any of my storytelling tools for a long time.

If you decide to invest in me and my art know that this is a very long outlook for me. I don't need money, I get by very minimally for a few reasons.

When I have had the opportunity to travel to third world countries I have seen some things that have deeply changed me forever. Seeing true poverty and hardships is engraved in my mind forever. I have already hit the lottery just being born in a Free Country. I am already very blessed and don't need more value to come my way, any finances in the form of Crypto will go towards my long-term goal of being an interplanetary Story-Teller for the Human Species.

Much love for reading about me! I Appreciate the time 👽🤙🏼

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