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What you will need

1X Naut (Any Phase)

Aqua Naut 5.jpeg

An Airdropped Planet or AI Exploration (Optional to save $)

Steve3p_0 AI Exploration_S3_90.jpg
Steve3p_0 AI Exploration_S2_71.jpg
Steve3p_0 AI Exploration_S1_97.jpg

Some spare $Change

Change copy.png

Able to Upgrade


Able to Upgrade


Able to Upgrade


Able to Upgrade


Able to Mint


x post.jpeg

Naut Upgrade is a MANUAL Process

Please DM me (Steve3p_0) on either X or Discord and I will help walk you though the process. Willing to even do Voice call if you are comfortable doing that as well. With the smaller supply of Nauts I am okay with doing this process manually, I actually enjoy it and take pride in being able to know and have communication with those who have held my art through the years being able to upgrade their asset. Dont be shy, But essentially will walk you through Sending your Asset (s) + the appropriate amount of $Change to the Burn Wallet ($ChangeBurn) and then I will be sending you your Upgraded Naut from $UnclaimedNaut.

Super simple.

But I would like to communicate with the Person Sending their asset(s) and $Change as timing is important for you to receive your asset once I verify your Burn


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