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Set #3 1-100

Set #3 is all about discovering powerful sources of energy.

These mysterious blue orbs that have existed since the universe's conception, to hold vast amounts of power. That power is up to the beholder how he/she uses it. As a fellow Naut, your journey through this existence is not only about just seeing beautiful/terrifying places and the creatures that inhabit it. Your job is also to understand energy, power, and how thousands of races across the universe misuse and corrupt their planets with the abuse of power, eerily similar to planet earth. 

Your job as a fellow Naut is to observe all different types of creatures and life forms and how they misuse their power. Observe them. Notice their sneaky behaviors. Even your closest companions on your journey will seek to steal your power. This energy is very special, and not to be taken for granted.

On this exploration, you find entities finding these divine blue sources of power, using their energy for good, or for ill intent. You will see creatures being absorbed by the abuse of the orbs power. Mystic mages, giant mechs, and planetary sized entities will be trying their best to utilize this great energy.

Great sources of power are sacred and not to be taken lightly. Observe them, look past what you think you know about power, and see what the truth is behind it all. And once you have understood it, then use that energy to the best of your ability to better your understanding of divine power.


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