2D Art Policy ID : 8dbef3ae32a5ac935172ab84cb7a3540603207892c9ab63956490086

2 Royalty Tokens are minted on this policy
(I had no clue what I was doing)

I minted the first one for 3% The other one was for 5% Royalty
The Latest Royalty token trumped the previous one
Keeping My Royalty Percent to 5%


3D 1/1 Art Policy ID :   2a446c6cc1e33d64737dabbdfdb4c4b0beaa7646c168c307c1bbcdf6


My First 80 NFT's were accidentally minted on ALL separate Policy ID's due to me being new to the ecosystem. All 80 Original NFT's were replaced manually to the correct holder under 1 Policy ID. I let all the original holders of the wrong policy ID's keep the incorrect Policy NFT as well, as a sort of "Unsigned Picasso" kind of thing.

When purchasing my work be sure to double to check the Policy ID :)