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Cardano NFT Artist/Film-Maker

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Photomanipulation Art

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Who am I?

My name is Steve, I am a story teller as well as a digital artist who has been in hiding for the past 6 years, mainly because I felt like people never really understood my art.

Over the course of those 6 years I developed a relationship with my digital art that was very self serving. The art's only purpose was to document and remember times of my life when I felt a certain way. Sometimes it would be sad, other times it was deeply meaningful, painful and hurtful, and sometimes just weird.

Late 2021 I revealed my digital art to the Cardano NFT community and got accepted with open arms immediately. The community saw value in my work, and the journey has been super cool to finally be accepted as a real artist.

Now my focus is to continue to make art that makes people ask questions, feel something, and evoke emotions that we as humans are typically afraid to reveal about ourselves.

I still tell stories with my camera as my main source of income, documenting what is right with the world. I have been using a camera to document since I was 17. I have currently revolved around the sun 24 times.

My higher goal with my life is to be an inter-planetary documenter for the Human Species. That might sound like a joke but I am dead serious about it. I know that with my dynamic understanding of how this universe operates on a scientific, and a spiritual level will help me with documenting for the human species in my time here as a human.

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