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1. The State Of Constant Change
We are never final, we are never whole.

There is one foundational fork in the road in all of our spiritual journeys that we must ask ourselves.

-Are we a Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience?

-Or are we a Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience?

If you believe the later, then the process of this human experience is constant adaptation, constant learning, and constantly becoming a-new.

In this life we are constantly in the state of an Embryo. We don’t necessarily have an end goal, or a final form.

We don’t have just one birth, we don’t have just one death. It seems that we have eternal births and eternal deaths. The constant cycle of this metaphorical egg we are all spiritually in, is the state of an Embryo.

We may never arrive, but we must accept that we are enough.

We feel the ebb and flow of the energies around us. That vibrational energy is constantly building, learning and changing with us.

This evolving collective energy Is Embryosis.
222 1/1 Constantly Changing Looping NFT's
Owning a Molten
1x Discounted Mint
Owning a Phase 2-4 Naut
1x Better Discounted Mint
Owning a Phase 1 Naut
1x Even Better Discounted Mint
Owning a Original Steve3p_0
Art Piece
1x The Best Discounted Mint
Owning a High Droid 
Free Mint (only 4 High Droids Exist)
Mint Information
All Mints will be completely Random.

All Embryoids will all be on their own policy ID Called “Embryosis”
No Roadmap, Its just art
Expected ROI
No Expected ROI, Its just art
Rarity Chart
I literally want you to barely
be able to describe this thing.
No Rarities
Art Specifics
222 1/1 Constantly Changing and Looping NFT's
10 Second Loops
2000x2500 Resolution
26.5 MB
Programs Used : Blender + Premiere Pro
Policy ID
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