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Be The $Change You Want To See In The World


Vision Statement

To Amplify Positive Stories 


$Change is a Fungible Token on the Cardano Blockchain able to move energy and value between humans that are being the $Change.

$Change can be seen as a Fungible vehicle that correlates directly with any positive content that humans are creating to help $Change the world.

The Funding and transactions of $Change serves as a kickstarter-esque style energy transfer for people who see the impact of $Change and how it can serve as a vehicle to incentivize positivity.

This is not a Shit Coin or a Hype Coin. This token distribution and future transactions of $Change on DEX's, metaverse's, or any other Cardano Transaction, should be seen as supporting people who want to help be The $Change they want to see In the world.

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Why $Change?

We all know there are constantly good things happening with humans all throughout the world, but our current media distribution and consumption platforms don't incentivize those positive stories to shine through the dark.

Humans are story-telling animals and the stories that we tell create and shape our realities. Join us in being part of the $Change to uplift stories for a generation willing to $Change the stories we create and share with each-other.

$Change's hope is to $Change the way we consume, distribute, and incentivize stories for the Cardano community, and globe.


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Being in the content industry for over 6 Years, Steve3p_0 has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of all different aspects of the media industry. There seems to be no current solution to fix the media onslaught that distracts and poisons the world with negative media. $Change's hope is to form a community and the tools to financially incentivize those who are producing positive and uplifting content for the world.


Future Integration of $CHANGE

Imagine a future in the Cardano Eco-system where we are building digital theatre like viewing environments for future film makers to share their stories with like minded individuals.

We can host events digitally or physically that help show and support other creators in the ecosystem that are wanting to $Change the world for the better.

We can host showings of their films and people who want to help give them some spare $Change and support others in the ecosystem.

The creators can then choose to liquidate their $Change to ADA or other currency if necessary to follow through with their idea/project.

If the creator then does well on their story or project, people who've helped the creator fundraise for their project just sent energy to help BE the $Change that they wanted to see in the world.

This FT implementation goes beyond art and stories. This token should be seen as financial incentive tool to help creators who want to $Change the world and thrive in the Cardano Eco-system.

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Burn TX: 5c3a302588e5323f508b15ef3210416771352594ca4896b76033fff33dd4806d

Policy ID : d55bf9d2ad12cc55e4ed29d97c64dba0e4905d3c80f800449f3d51f0

Transparency Wallets

150,000,000 $Change

350,000,000 $Change

499,999,999 $Change

Extra Change from Assets that were listed in the Marketplace

Cthulhu Naut #25.jpg
Buddha Naut #25.jpg
Zen Naut #25.jpg
Optic Naut #20.jpg
Octo naut #20.jpg

Naut's Supply : 750


$Change will be distributed out to Nauts chronologically.

Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4.

Each Naut will receive 450,000 $Change.

If your Naut is Listed on a marketplace, I will not be able to send you your $Change.

Plague Naut #14.jpg
Denespian Naut #25.jpg


$Change will be distributed out to the Embryoid Holders on July 11th 2023.

A Snapshot will be taken on July 11, 2023 and Embryoid 1-222 will receive 650,000 $Change.

If your Embryoid is listed on a marketplace, I will not be able to send you your $Change.

x Post ExtraChange.jpeg

100,000 $Change to be sent to all Molten Holders
on July 11, 2024 from $ExtraChange


Molten Supply: 70

100,000 $Change to be sent to all OG Art Holders
on July 11, 2024 from $ExtraChange

OG Art Supply : 150

100,000 $Change to be sent to all Scuba Squad Holders
on July 11, 2024 from $ExtraChange

Scuba Squad Supply : 25

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Steve3p_0 Discord

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