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Discounts will stack on top of eachother
Ex. Owning 3 Moltens and 1 Phase 2-4 Naut = -555 ADA = Free Mint
Owning a Molten:
-111 ADA From Mint
Owning a Phase 2-4 Naut:
-222 ADA From Mint
Owning a Phase 1 Naut:
-333 ADA From Mint
Owning a Original Steve3p_0 Art Piece:
-444 ADA From Mint
Owning at least 1 of all 4 Phase's of Nauts
-555 ADA From Mint
Owning All 4 Airdrop Pieces
-555 ADA From Mint
Owning a High Droid:
-555 ADA From Mint
All Discounts will have to be done manually though myself personally on Twitter DM's @Steve3p_0. (Be mindful for fake accounts phasing as me)
Step 1:

Send me a DM Letting me know your Wallet Address holding the art that gives you a Discount, be sure this is the same wallet you will be minting with.
Step 2:

This is the scariest and most trusting part of the process.

When you are ready to mint, Mint your Embryoid to the wallet you verified with me for the full 555ADA mint price. After your random Embryoid lands in your wallet, I will then verify that both the art that grants you the discount, and the Embryoid are in the same wallet. I will then send you the discount that you receive for holding my art.

(Note: If you try to tell me to send the ADA to any other wallet I will assume you are scamming me for ADA. The only way for this to work is to use same Wallet address that you are both holding my art with, as well as minting an Embryoid with)

Also Note: If you own 2x Phase 4 Nauts, and a Original Piece, You may choose to have the 1x Embryoid Mint from the better discounted Original art piece.

If you own 2x Phase 4 Nauts and a Original art piece, you can Mint 3x Embryoids at discount. -222 + -222 + -444 = Total Discount of -888 ADA
This is what I will do on my end:

Step 1: Manually Look in To Verify that you own the NFT(s) That grant you the discount.

Step 2: After Mint, Manually receive DM's from you guys and check the address that they have both the art that grants you the discount, as well as a Embryoid(s) in

Step 3: Once verified that the Person did indeed do all the things, Send out appropriate discount to said holder.

Step 4: Happy collector, happy artist :)
Because I am Not a dev, this is 100% artist to collector trust. I hope that I can earn even more trust with the community though this process. 

It is teadius, it is not ideal. But it allows me to talk and connect with the collectors of my art more. 

I am making this decision to do it this way on purpose.
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