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Set #2 1-100

Set #2 Is all about facing your demons/angels head on.

Typically we don't like to feel or see the innermost disgust, the raw evil parts of us. It something that scares us, tears up a inner welling of anxiety and fear. We push it down, drown it out, forget. These inner demons fester in all of our souls, no matter how well of a Shell we like to think we have.

I say embrace it! Embrace the evil parts of yourself, Embrace that you are not healthy and we all have inner shit we have to deal with. If you can accept the dirty nasty parts of yourself, in my opinion thats a version of self love. If you can love the worst parts of yourself, then you can further love the rest of the beautiful parts of your soul as well.

These images are to represent terrifying demons that can resemble those dark parts of ourselves. I had to face some disgusting parts of myself recently. I had to stare it in the face and realize that this demon IS a part of me. Whatever you see, whatever image shows up in your wallet, See it as your Demon. And learn from it.

Some of the biggest life changing realizations of my life I had to learn from a demon. But I actually think it was a angel... Something they don't tell you about the divine realm is angels are terrifying, and demons are beautiful.

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