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Set #4 1-100

Set #4 is all about letting go of power source found within all of our hearts.

This crazy magenta energy source of empathy, compassion, and good intent infiltrates and take over entities all over the cosmos. Some use it to the best of their ability to uplift and inspire others. Other rebuke its power and tuck it away deep inside of themselves. This eventually will take over them from the inside out. This energy is meant to be felt, expressed and shared. If you don't disclose this power to others that you so graciously have obtained from your travels in the universe, Then it will destroy you and make you forget your own name.

As a fellow Naut, you are not immune to the effects of this great power. Your helmet cannot keep this energy out, It is stronger than most can comprehend. It is not meant to be fully understood. You came here to this existence to simply be. Not to necessarily make perfect sense of the world around you. Understand this experience enough to navigate it and work towards your passions. But not everything is meant to be understood completely. This power of love is surely one of those things. The universe simply asks us to be, we are the ones trying to make sense of it all.

In this set of your Exploration as a Fellow Naut you will see entities being engulfed by Love's pure existence, breaking through who they thought they understood they were, and changing them from the inside out. Or you will see those resisting and fighting this inherit right to the power of love.

You should not fight this energy, you should not challenge it. It is stronger than you can imagine. Observe it, let it in if it comes near you. Let it do its work changing you from the inside. If you reject or fight this energy. You soul will surely perish.

Great sources of power like this are sacred and not to be taken lightly. Observe them, look past what you think you know about love, and see what the truth is behind it all. And once you have understood it, then use that energy to the best of your ability to better your understanding in this existence.


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